F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions)

 What is the duration of the courses?

You may find information regarding the courses at BİLGİ TÜRMER from the Courses and/or Academic Calendar section. Breaks are taken between courses and on official holidays.


 Is it a requirement to attend the courses and exams?

Attendance is important in all language courses. Students have to attend at least %80 of the total course hours. Course attendees who exceed their right to be absent for various reasons must apply to the administration with a petition in order to take the course level exam if they have a valid excuse.

 Can I take the Placement Test?

Anyone who wants to find out about their Turkish level may take the exam.

 How many people are there in one class?

Classes are opened for a minimum of 6 students. The maximum enrollment in each class is 16 students.

 How are the lessons taught?

Four main skills that are reading, listening, writing and speaking are given equal importance in the lessons. Speaking and writing skills are targeted by way of creative dramas, presentations, and writing activities. Detailed feedbacks are given for homework assignments.

 When can I start speaking Turkish?

Course attendees start speaking and using the language they are learning according to their levels.

 Is the certificate that I will receive from BİLGİ TÜRMER valid?

Many public institutions, universities or institutes consider the certificate given from BİLGİ TÜRMER valid.