Here are the  10 steps to register for a Turkish course:

1)       Decide in which program you wish to enroll by having a look at our course programs.

2)      Decide which Turkish course(s) you want to take.

3)      Select the dates for the course(s) by having a look the academic calendar according to the program you have chosen.

4)       After filling out and signing the Online Registration Form, send it to ahmet.oztel@bilgiedu.net in pdf format.

5)       According to your program and enrollment status (Individual, Student or (İstanbul Bilgi University International, Erasmus), you can transfer your program fee via bank. If you reside in Istanbul, you can come to santralistanbul campus in person and make the payment to Student Accounting Office.

6)      If you need a Letter of Acceptance,  send the bank receipt to ahmet.oztel@bilgiedu.net

7)     The Letter of Acceptance will be sent to your e-mail address within a week (7 days).

8)      You can begin the visa procedures to receive a student visa by going to the Republic of Turkey Consulate in your country with your Letter of Acceptance.

9)       After you receive your visa, we will meet at the Istanbul campus (santralistanbulcampus) to start the courses.

10)    Enjoy your Turkish Learning experience.